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The Club Pig Roast was held on Saturday, September 17.  It was a beautiful, fall day with clear skies and coolish weather.  The pig was cooked to perfection thanks to the efforts and attentiveness of the pit master, club president, Tom Cafferky.  Ray Hill served as second in command and assisted Tom.  There were also many delicious side dishes and deserts brought to share by those attending. We had several nice prizes that were raffled off. It was a fun day and was enjoyed by many.
The winner of the 22 cal. revolver handgun was Stan Roberts. The winner of the 50/50 raffle was Shane Lamontagne.  

*In conjunction with the pig roast; we also held a MEMORIAL DEDICATION for our past president, Lou Polianites. Lou’s wife Gayle, was in attendance, and Club President, Tom Cafferky, gave a fitting tribute and thank you to Lou on behalf of the Club for all of Lou’s hard work and efforts.

*Recent raffle winners:
The winners for Ossipee Valley Fair table raffles:
 – Samborski of Wells won the 50/50.
 – Elijah Harpin of N. Waterboro won the fishing pole.

The winner at the Club Auction table raffle:
 – Rusty Loring won the 50/50.

The winners for Acton Fair table raffles:
 – Abigail Ouellette of Somersworth, NH won 50/50.
 – William Cudway won the fishing pole.

Club Work Party, Saturday, September
 10 – we held an ad-hoc work party on Sept. 10 to get ready for the pig roast. Work accomplished was mowing the lawn areas, weeding the area around the picnic tables, prepping the smoker pit, scraping down and sanding the flag pole to remove the old fiberglass coating, and then, putting up the flag pole in it’s new location over near the cement grilling pad and smoker. We had many volunteers show up to help out and the work went smoothly, and we were done in short order.  Thanks to everyone who helped us out.

Acton Fair (August 25, 26, 27 & 28)
– we had a table set up for the Club at the fair which was manned by member volunteers.  Tickets were on sale for both the 22 cal. revolver handgun raffle and the cash prize raffle.  Thanks to everyone who helped out to make this a successful event for the Club.  

Club Work Party, Saturday, August 13we held an ad hoc work party on Aug 13 starting at 8 am; to: 1.) move the pig roasting pit over to the area near the cement grill pad; 2.) dig up and remove the cement anchoring base for the flag pole and then move, and dig a hole to install it over near the cement grill pad; 3.) level out and smooth the area around the cement pad and get it ready for the memorial bench; 4.) spread wood chips in area around the cement pad.  It was a nice, coolish morning for work and we had a good turn out of approximately 12 people to help out. Because of the large turn out, we were able to complete the work tasks in relatively short order, and we were done by about 11 am.  Thanks to everyone who volunteered for this activity, your support is appreciated.  
Club Auction, Saturday, July 16Our annual Club auction was held on July 16th. The auction was well attended by local people of the area and there were lots of items offered up for bid.  The grill was fired up and there were hamburgers and hot dogs available for refreshments.

Ossippee Valley Fair, (July 7,8,9 & 10).  The club had a booth and set up a table for selling raffle tickets at the Ossippee Fair on all days of the Fair. The table was manned by volunteer members of the club, and tickets for both the money raffle and “Heritage” 22 cal. revolver handgun were offered for sale.

Introduction to Fishing – Saturday May, 21, 2022
. An Introduction to Fishing class was held at the Club. There were 7 people who attended the class. The class was conducted by Tom Cafferky (Club President). The course included different types of rods and reels, different types of knots and how to tie them, different lures and how and where to use them, safe fish handling for both angler and the fish, best fishing times, safety and casting techniques. Practice casting was held outside at the Club’s small pond. Attendees received fish identification cards, booklets on fishing rules, fish Maine stickers and one of Tom’s favorite Fishing lures. Pictures are posted on  the “Photos Of Club Happenings” page.

Spring Clean-up – Saturday, May 7. A Spring Clean-up of the clubhouse grounds was held on Saturday, May 7, from 9 – 11 am. We had ~ 12 volunteers show up to help us out. Because of all the help and support, we were done in about 2 hours.  We got a lot accomplished, including putting up a new club sign at the front gate.  Yea team! Pictures are posted on  the “Photos Of Club Happenings” page.

Map & Compass Course, 4/16/2022 – an instructional course covering the basics of using a compass and map reading was held at the club house on Saturday, April 16th.  There were 17 people who attended. Dave Duguay  from the club  was the instructor. The course covered; parts of a compass, magnetic north, true north and declination, how to use a compass only to enter and leave the woods, topographic maps, and using the map and compass together. The course also include a practical field exercise requiring students to navigate through the woods to find a predetermined target using only a compass.

The Club held an Ice  Fishing Derby, Saturday, 2/19/2022 at Rock Haven Lake, West Newfields.  The winners of the children’s division were: 1st prize Colby Morrel 20.5 inches, 2nd prize Jason Smith 19.5 inches, 3rd prize Gabe Boutilier 18.0 inches.  The winner of the adult division was Danielle Taylor; $300.00 Cash prize winner, for a 4 pound 9 oz fish.   *Photos of the derby are on the ”Photos of Club Happenings” page. Thurston Peters Sugar house donated Maple items which were given out to the kids who caught a fish. Dick Lush won the 50/50 raffle of $38.00 and donated it back to the club.  Thanks to everyone for their generous support and donations. 

-The February Club Meeting (Feb 04, 2022) was cancelled because of bad weather.  A makeup meeting for the club officers and board of directors was held on Wednesday, Feb. 09. 

-Our January Club meeting (Jan 07, 2022) was cancelled because of a snowstorm. A makeup meeting for the club officers and board of directors was held on Monday, Jan 10.
Sad News:  Long time club president, Lou Polianites passed away in May, 2021 after being ill.  He will be greatly missed.  

Northern York County Rod and Gun Club By-Laws

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2022 Meeting Minutes

September 2,2022 minutes

Board Of Directors Mtg. 9:02

August 5, 2022 minutes

Board Of Directors Mtg. 8:05

July 1, 2022 Minutes

Board Of Directors Mtg. 7:01

June 3, 2022 Minutes

Board Of Directors Mtg. 6:03

May 6, 2022 Minutes

Board Of Directors Mtg. 5:06

April 1, 2022 minutes

4:01 Board of Directors Meeting

March 4, 2022 minutes 2

3/04 BOD Mtg.

minutes February 9,2022

January 10, 2022 minutes

2021 Meeting Minutes – **Note, due to Covid-19 concerns, the first club meeting for the year was not held until June, 2021. 

December 3, 2021 minutes

November 5, 2021 minutes

October 1, 2021 minutes8

September 3, 2021 minutes

August 6, 2021

July 2, 2021 minutes

June 4, 2021 minutes

The results for Fall Festival held on Saturday, October 23, 2021: -Bill Surette was the 50/50 winner.  BB Gun was won by Sam Drum.  Money Raffle tickets were sold.  Thank you to Todd and Lynn Corriveau, Steven Franz, and Romeo Fortin for manning the table at the festival.

The Club Christmas Party was held on Saturday, December 11, 2021.  The money raffle prizes were drawn at the Christmas Party, and three people were drawn from the club tickets.

The winners of this year’s Club money raffle prizes were: Steve Romney- $1000, Annette Dodge- $500, Bruce Hill- $250, Bill Thorpe- $100, Sue Brawn- $50.

The winners of the club ticket raffle were: Bruce Hill- $150, Bruce Ballard-$100, Viola Corriveau- $50.

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